Ensemble Allegria has been chosen to participate in a new two year program of Excellence in Performing Arts and Film called ArtEx, along with the following artists: 

Amalie Stalheim, cellist

Grete Sofie Borud Nybakken, dancer

Ida Elise Broch, actor

Mariama Slåttøy, dancer

Ole Christian Haagenrud, pianist

Simon Tillaas, film maker

Aasne Vaa Greibrokk, film maker

Edvard Munch Ensemble, represented by Victoria Putterman and Thormod Rønning Kvam


Ensemble Allegria is represented by artistic leader Maria Angelika Carlsen and manager Maria Eikefet.



ArtExis a talent development programme focusing on the value of sharing experiences and systematic capacity building across genres. Collaborating with other Talent Norge projects – ArtExwill create sustainable models and raise awareness about talent development in the arts sector. Talent Norway represents more than 1500 talent development positions, most of which are of a three-year duration.

ArtEx is a collaboration between Talent Norway, the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the Norwegian Film School. The institutions will contribute with their professional and artistic knowledge, resources, and participation in the programme.
ArtEx is a talent development programme that aims at cultivating artists, regardless of genre, on the highest level, in performing arts and film.
ArtEx is a knowledge-based programme consisting of individual guidance, seminars, network gatherings, personal mentoring and supervision. Institutions of higher education and the international theatre, dance, film and music scene collaborate closely with Talent Norway.
ArtEx will develop and maintain knowledge of talent development in the performing arts and film. Sharing professional knowledge and experiences across genres is paramount for the programme and its participants.
ArtEx calls for candidates that have shown outstanding artistic talent in their professional field. The participant should normally have completed the highest level of education in their field and should have started a performing career.
ArtEx wishes to support the leading talents of Norway in their transition from education to work, and when starting a national or international career.
ArtEx are recruiting nationally and internationally regardless of the candidate’s institutional background.
ArtEx receives economical support from Talent Norway and The Savings Bank Foundation DNB.



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