School concerts in Akershus

On August 26th we invited around 350 students aged 13 to 16 from Fjellsrud Skole to come visit us and hear us play. These concerts were part of a collaboration project with Oslo Chamber Music Festival, so the concerts were open to the festival audience as well. Crammed together in the freshly renovated premises of Ingensteds, we all enjoyed the music of Adams, Biber and Tchaikovsky, as well as some surprises for the audience.  

During this project, we have been experimenting with the possibilities playing by heart gives us. With great help from choreographer Anne Bryhn we have tried out different ways of using the stage to communicate better with our audience and involve them in the strong and extremely different moods of the music.

From August 29th to September 9th, we will perform this program for 5500 students during 27 concerts at 17 different schools in Akershus. This project is made possible by Rikskonsertene, and we are deeply grateful to be part of it. 

All photos: Lars Opstad/Rikskonsertene