In June, we spent a week together at Austringen in Vesterålen. Staying at the island Dyrøya, with only two inhabitants and spectacular nature gave us a great opportunity to work really hard and concentrated on our repertoire. In this newly renovated old building generously made available by Helene and Rune Hilde, we prepared all our meals together, watched eagles, moose and porpoises pass by, went fishing, hiked in the midnight sun, and enjoyed the hot sauna and the slightly less warm sea water, in addition to around seven hours of rehearsals every day. The week ended in an exclusive concert experience for fifty people, who arrived in boats from nearby to squeeze in at the top floor, sitting almost in between the musicians while we performed works by Grieg, Biber and Tchaikovsky. 

The next days, we also performed at Kulturfabrikken Sortland, and in Harstad Kirke during Festspillene i Nord-Norge. At all three concert we met an excited audience and we had three really great concert experiences, many of us rank them among their finest Allegria-moments of all!

This project was made possible by a number of contributors, and we are deeply thankful for their support: