Youth Olympic Games 2016

We are proud to be part of one of the biggest events i Norway this year: the Youth Olympic Games at Lillehammer. 1100 performers from all over the world are going to compete in winter sports, and over 15 000 youth from Oppland are going to experience the olympic spirit by having their own Dream Day at Lillehammer. They will get to try some winter sports and activities, watch the competitions, and in the end of the day, they are going to a concert with the following artists: Ravi, Samsaya, dEEP doWN dopEIZM, and Ensemble Allegria.

This is the biggest audience we have ever played for, and we are very excited to present music by Grieg, Beethoven, Bach and Schostakovich, as well as Ravi's and Samsaya's songs. 

The concert will take place at Stampesletta, Lillehammer at 16.00 every day in week 7, February 15th to February 19th.