New CD: Meins Lebens Licht

"Kombinasjonen Nystedt, Bach, Det Norske Solistkor, Ensemble Allegria og Grete Pedersen er uten tvil noe av det beste som har kommet ut her til lands." 

Trond Erikson, Den klassiske CD-bloggen 3. september 2015


Our second CD release this year is a result of our collaboration with the Norwegian Soloists' Choir to celebrate the 100 year anniversary for the birth of composer and conductor Knut Nystedt. 

Nystedt was one of the most influential Norwegian composers of the 20th century, and his choir works, such as "O Crux" and "Immortal Bach" are known and appreciated all over the world. Both pieces are included on this recording. Nystedt had a special admiration for Bach's music, and the title piece "O Jesu Christ, meins lebens Licht" is a motet by the grand master himself. In this recording you can also enjoy our concert master, Maria Angelika Carlse, in Nystedt's "Ave Maria" for choir and solo violin. 

The recording can be bought here.