Vivaldi and Shostakovich at youth clubs in Oslo

Ensemble Allegria like to go outside the "classical box". This can be done in many different ways. One way is to play classical music for young people at their youth clubs. At these clubs young people can hang out with friends, play games, make music, dance, etc. This is not a normal venue for classical music and many of these young people don't know much about classical music at all.

This is why Ensemble Allegria do this project. We can't expect all people to come in to the classical box and visit the traditional classical venues. But we can bring the classical music outside the box and to the people.

Ensemble Allegria have worked with the project since 2011 and have done three tours at youth clubs in Oslo. The last tour was in November 2015, and this time we also got two young rappers to join for the tour. The two rappers Patrik Mamou Korh "Kool Brown" and Anas Rifai "Rascal" were rapping with the classical music as hip hop beats, and with great success!

Together we performed at the following venues: 

  • Grorud Røde Kors Ressurssenter
  • Mortensrud Røde Kors Ressurssenter
  • Café Condio, Majorstua
  • ORKIS, Grønland 

Ensemble Allegria will continue to develop this project and we are working on doing a new tour. If you are interested in getting more information or even contribute to the project please contact 

Here you can watch excerpts from this year's tour. The teaser is made by Mona J. Hoel/Freedom from fear.



This tour was made possible by great support from